Hypothesee—lightweight tool for customer interviews

Lena Sesardic
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Customer interviews are hard work.

Scribbling notes during a customer interview is easy but you'd rather rely on your foggy memory of the conversation than go through them later.

A few months later, your idea's part of the 90% that fail.

Enter, Hypothesee.

It lets you conduct and analyze customer interviews objectively without wasting time on manual work.

In just one click, you can import key learnings from all your interviews into one place so you can compare insights and see trends.

Oh, and you get a dashboard view of all your hypotheses and the stages they're in.

With Hypothesee you can:

✅ Add new hypotheses & enter relevant interview questions to test those hypotheses.

✅ Enter customer interviews to test specific hypotheses.

✅  Use a ready-made customer interview template to take notes.

✅  Import key learnings from multiple customer interview documents into one view with just a few clicks.

✅  Compares key learnings across multiple interviews in one simple view.

✅  See a dashboard overview of all your hypotheses & customer interviews.

How you can use Hypothesee (it's free!)

1. Click on "I want this!" on this page.

2. Get access to a PDF document called Hypothesee Access.

3. Click "Get your own copy!" on the PDF document.

4. Make a copy of the Google Sheet.

5. Follow the instructions in the PDF document called Hypothesee Instructions.

Hopefully you like Hypothesee!

If you do, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a rating in Gumroad. 😊

I want this!

You'll get access to make a copy of a Google Sheets powerful engine that is Hypothesee.

Powerful Google Sheets + Google Docs integration
Configurable dropdown menus
Ability to share access with others.


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Hypothesee—lightweight tool for customer interviews

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